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For Claimants


Whitecroft can hep residential, commercial or agricultural landowners when they are affected by public schemes.

Rumours about a compulsory purchase or public and infrastructure schemes can exist for years and tend to get ignored until some formal correspondence arrives. This will most likely be the “Land Interest Questionnaire”. Whitecroft like to get involved as early as possible to focus on providing the most relevant information to the acquiring authority to make sure they fully understand what the impact of the proposed scheme will be on you. If only part of your land is taken then consultation negotiations with the acquiring authority can lead them to make changes leaving you in a better position than could otherwise be the case.

In the event that you want to make representations at the Public Inquiry either to change the impact on you or exclude your land from the Compulsory Purchase Order, or even to challenge the Order in its entirety, then Whitecroft can assist with this by preparing and submitting proofs and rebuttals and appearing as an expert witness.

At an early stage Whitecroft will get to understand your business or residential circumstances and prepare all valuations and costings. This will help claimants understand how much they can expect to receive for any reinvestment. This information will also help inform the acquiring authority's budget for your compensation in turn helping to alleviate later difficulties due to risk of budget shortfalls on their part.

Whitecroft can assist with identifying alternative premises and negotiating for acquisition and advise on plant and machinery movement, premises refurbishment and specialist adaptations.


The process is long and legalistic and can be very confusing. Whitecroft will guide you through all the various stages and help you understand the timetable and what needs to be done from your end to ensure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible and in a logical order and that funds are available for your move or extinguishment when they are needed using advance payment requests to an agreed timetable.

In the event that negotiations end in dispute and compensation is unable to be agreed, Whitecroft can also assist in relation to submitting a Claim to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber).

In the event that claimants are trapped and unable to plan for the future or are being held back then in certain circumstances Whitecroft can advise on and assist with the service of a blight notice which brings forward the compulsory purchase process. Compulsory purchase law allows you to be represented throughout and the reasonable fees of this to be recovered from the acquiring authority.